Is my appointment confidential? 

Survivor Support Services are confidential. We are not required to report details of sexual violence to the university or to law enforcement.

All interactions with Survivor Support Services are confidential.  If you are meeting with a Survivor Support Mental Health counselor, they may have to break confidentiality if any of the following arise (this is true for any mental health counselor):

  • any abuse to children or to the elderly
  • immediate and serious danger to self or to others
  • court order issued by a judge

Is what I'm feeling normal?

Experiencing trauma can impact all aspects of your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. It's normal to feel a range of physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral reactions both during and after a trauma. We're here to help support you. 

Do I have to file a report or tell the police? 

No. We're here to support you if you want to make a report or not. We take your lead in your healing journey. and follow your timeline.