Emotional Support

Survivor Advocates are trained to work with individuals who have been subjected to traumatic incidents. We specifically work with survivors of dating violence, stalking, harassment, rape, sexual assault, or any other form of abuse. We know that trauma shows up differently for everybody. Though, we are not counselors, we can assist by providing low level emotional support and we work closely with Campus Health's Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS). We can also refer survivors to off-campus resources if more in-depth counseling is needed. The emotional support that Survivor Advocates can provide looks like:  

  • We believe you 
  • Create space for you to share and process 
  • Be present during difficult processes 
  • Teach grounding techniques  
  • Provide validation 
  • Plan what moving forward can look like 
  • Be a confidential person who you can depend on 
  • Support you in making empowering decisions 
  • Help with communicating with loved ones 

Get Started with Your Survivor Advocates

We're dedicated to providing you the best possible individualized and trauma-informed support. Your advocate can help get you started with support services and are with you along the way as much or as little as you want them to be.

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