Believe. Empower. Advocate.

Centering your voice, your needs, and your healing.




Confidential Support 

We offer individualized support to survivors as they decide where to go after being subjected to interpersonal violence. We understand each survivor has their own unique needs, experiences, and identities. We’re here to collaborate with and empower them to find support and healing. Survivors have a lot of options and might also have a lot of questions. We’ll share options and resources and always follow their lead and timeline.  

We support students of any gender identity who have been subjected to interpersonal violence, regardless of when or where it occurred.  

This can include: 

  • Intimate Partner & Dating Violence 
  • Sexual Assault & Rape 
  • Revenge Porn & Cyber Harassment 
  • Stalking & Harassment 
  • Abuse in any form 

We’re Here for Survivors 

Here’s how we can support you. Whether you know exactly what you want to do or have no idea where to start, contact us and we’ll brainstorm options together. 

Emotional Support

We believe you. It’s not your fault. We’re here to listen and help. 

Academic Support

You come first. We’ll help you figure out the rest. 

Support in Optional Reporting 

We’ll explain your rights and help support your reporting decision. 


We can be by your side at hearings, meetings, and reporting or available to call before, during, and after.  

Safety Planning

Together we will come up with an individualized plan to address safety concerns and present needs.

Referrals to Supportive Programs & Services

We’ll help you get connected to medical, mental health, legal support, or whatever additional services you need. 

Information & Education

No one has all the answers on their own. That’s why we’re here. 

Survivor Support Counseling

Individual and group mental health counseling for survivors. 

Invite Us to Your Group or Class

Our Survivor Support Services team can present on sexual violence and intimate partner abuse, our program and services, how to respond to a disclosure, or custom presentations upon request.

Request a Presentation