Survivor Support Counseling Services

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We Believe You. You Are Not Alone.

Survivor Support Counseling is committed to the empowerment and healing of student survivors. We provide confidential services for students of all genders who have experienced sexual violence including sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.

Survivor Support Services Available:

  • Individual counseling and therapeutic treatment for University of Arizona students.
  • Resources and support for advocacy.
  • Survivor Support Group open to students of all genders. 
  • Consultation to the university community (students, faculty, staff, and parents) related to survivor support counseling, trauma, and/or sexual and gender-based violence.

Support for You

Our Survivor Support team includes counselors who specialize in providing trauma-informed care for student survivors of sexual violence.

Individual Counseling

Call us at 520-626-2051 to get scheduled directly with a Survivor Support counselor. 

Group Support

For more information, please fill out this Google Form.