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The University of Arizona's Survivor Advocacy can provide a 15-90 general overview of the prevalence of sexual violence on campus and the resources available to student survivors. Generally, Survivor Advocacy presents on the following topics: sexual violence statistics and prevalence, and campus & community-based resources and reporting options related to sexual and gender-based violence.

Any presentation request needs to be received AT LEAST two weeks prior to the desired date. Due to the unpredictable nature of workload, we cannot guarantee all requests will be granted.

Request a Survivor Support Services Presentation

Invite Us to an Event

If you are hosting an event related to sexual violence or relationship abuse, consider inviting us as a confidential resource! Survivor Support staff, unlike other staff and faculty members, are not obligated to report to the university and can help guide students to resources they need without disclosing their story. 

Request Handouts/Information

If you're looking for flyers, promotional items, or other information, email us at survivoradvocacy@arizona.edu.