Information & Education

Survivor Advocates are trained to understand intersecting identities, cycles of abuse, systemic barriers to safety, and healing from trauma. Whether you want to discuss healthy relationships or just process what happened, Advocates can provide space for these conversations. Some things Advocates can provide education and information about include: 

  • Side effects of trauma 
  • Coping after an abusive relationship or assault 
  • Power and control 
  • Building self esteem  
  • Generational Trauma 
  • Healthy Relationships vs Unhealthy Relationships 
  • How to support a friend/loved one experiencing abuse 
  • How to respond compassionately if someone discloses to you 

Your Rights as a Survivor 

Automatic Rights: 

  • To be advised of all victim’s rights and how to assert them. 
  • To information on the availability of crisis intervention, medical and emergency services, information on victim assistance programs and domestic violence resources. 
  • To be provided the police report number, if available, and if the case has been submitted to the prosecutor’s office, as well as information on how to contact that office. 
  • To be present at any court proceeding at which the defendant has a right to be present. 
  • To name an appropriate support person, who is not a witness, to accompany you to any interview, deposition or court proceeding. 
  • To be heard at any proceeding concerning release of the accused person, a plea agreement, and the sentencing (with some limitations). 
  • To have the court order restitution, and to receive that restitution promptly. 
  • To leave work (if eligible) to attend scheduled legal proceedings, or obtain or attempt to obtain an order of protection or injection against harassment. 

“Upon Request” Rights: 
These are rights that you must ask for: 

  • To confer with the prosecutor about a decision not to proceed. 
  • To request the prosecutor assert any right to which you are entitled. 
  • To receive a free copy of the police report and/or court transcripts. 
  • To receive a copy of the conditions of the suspect’s release from custody. 
  • To receive notice of all court proceedings at which the defendant has a right to be present. 
  • To the return of your personal property taken during investigation, and if the property cannot be returned, to be advised of the reasons 

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We're dedicated to providing you the best possible individualized and trauma-informed support. Your advocate can help get you started with support services and are with you along the way as much or as little as you want them to be.

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