Academic Support

When people experience trauma, it can affect all areas of their life. As students, you may need support academically and Survivor Advocates are here to help. If you need more support than advocates can provide, we are happy to connect you to an advisor or the correct office.

Below are some of the ways that Survivor Advocates frequently support students with academics:  

Academic Assistance

Advocates can send a letter to your professors letting them know that academic assistance is requested. This will allow students to discuss what support they need without having to disclose why they need it.  


Advocates can help set up appointments with your advisor and attend meetings to help you advocate for your needs. 


Advocates can help students navigate potential withdrawal processes from classes. This includes withdrawals after the drop deadline and withdrawals from a previous semester’s courses.  

Get Started with Your Survivor Advocates

We're dedicated to providing you the best possible individualized and trauma-informed support. Your advocate can help get you started with support services and are with you along the way as much or as little as you want them to be.

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